North Carolina Attractions

From famous national parks and stunning architecture, to museums and thrill rides, here are the top North Carolina attractions.
Charlotte Museums
One of the top draws for visitors vacationing to North Carolina is the plethora of wonderful museums that the city of Charlotte houses for visitors to enjoy. The city of Charlotte is a historic venue for some of the most historic museums in the state: from original pre-Revolutionary buildings housing displays on that time period to a wonderful Science and Natural History center, the city of Charlotte has it all.
North Carolina Museum of Art
Blue Ridge Road
Raleigh, NC 27607
One of the most venerable artistic institutions in the state of North Carolina, if not the most venerable, is the NC Art Museum. It is, after all, named in honor of the state itself. Visitors will be greeted at the entrance by dazzling bronze and stone sculptures, an ode to the artistic experience that lies ahead of them. Explore the two stories and witness the works of masters from Matisse to Picasso, all in full form and display.
The Battleship North Carolina
1 Battleship Road
Wilmington, NC 28402
One of the most fascinating displays of history sits in one of the quiet bays of the city of Wilmington. Visit the Battleship North Carolina and you'll find yourself face-to-face with history. Explore this iron-clad vessel and the real steelwork and gristle of the naval forces will be made pertinently clear to vacationers. After your tour, visit the on-board museum to learn more about the ship's fascinating past, as well as about maritime resources in general.
Carowinds Amusement Park
14523 Carowinds Boulevard
Charlotte, NC 28273
Located in the city of Charlotte, you'll find Carowinds right on the border of North and South Carolina - in fact, guests walking through the park will find themselves able to cross right back and forth between the two states at their leisure. However, that's not the park's only draw - roller coasters range from the historic to the modernly massive, and plenty of other rides which offer a healthy range of risk are to be found here.
Great Smoky Mountains National Park: Grotto Falls
Bryson City, NC
Great Smokey Mountain National Park is among the world's most famous National Parks, and Grotto Falls is among its most famous destinations. Come here to see a beautiful 25-foot high waterfall which borrows its name from the natural recess which allows the main hiking trail to pass behind the falls. See the falls from both ends and tell the friends and family back home all about what an amazing experience it was for all.
Appalachian Trail
22 S. Pack Square
Asheville, NC 28802
This world-famous trail snakes its way through the gorgeous North Carolina wilderness, providing some of the most stunning views of nature that visitors will encounter on their vacation. Thousands of hikers traverse these ridges, slopes and sweeping valleys each year, making this one of North Carolina's most popular natural destinations.
Jackson Building
22 S. Pack Square
Asheville, NC 28802
This massive skyscraper in the middle of the city of Asheville will dazzle you with its sheer size and its magnificent architectural beauty. Built in 1925 as the first skyscraper in western North Carolina, it has since stood as a testament to the power of modern man - and to the beauty which that power can yield when put to good use.
International Civil Rights Center and Museum
134 S. Elm Street
Greensboro, NC 27401
You'll appreciate the sentiments expressed by the International Civil Rights Center, which is one of the great centers for the modern espousing of the ideas of Civil Rights. Visit the place where so many proponents of freedom for all find a voice, and afterward learn all about the history of both the Center and Civil Rights itself at the center's own museum dedicated to the preservation, exhibition, and discussion of Civil Rights.
Great Smoky Mountains National Park: Sugarlands Trail
Bryson City, NC
One of the most beautiful displays of natural beauty awaits visitors who strap on their hiking boots in pursuit of the Sugarlands Trail at Great Smokey Mountains National Park. In the springtime, wildflowers along the trail are unparalleled in both quantity and sheer beauty. Other features of the trail include a river crossing and fascinating signs of former human habitation.
Basilica St. Lawrence
97 Haywood Street
Asheville, NC 28801
One of the most gorgeous displays of architecture in North Carolina can be found at Basilica St. Lawrence, a place of worship which will stun visitors with its antiquated beauty. This red brick Catholic Church is known to impress visitors with both its Spanish Renaissance exterior and its spacious interior, full to the brim with gorgeous stained glass windows and statues of saints, as well as other religious art.
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